Friday, June 18, 2004

Scary Weblogs and damn me!
● This business of blogging is really scary and addictive. This is the first time I am trying something like this and it starts to freak me out a bit. It all started by Farzin, one good friend, starting his own daily photo log (PhotoClick) and tempting me to do the same. Nowadays, he is not in a better shape either; it is all his fault of course. These days, all we do is to brag - thanks to Ken for this new English word :-) - about our Weblogs and see who can find new stuff and add new things to his blog. When we are not ticking each other off, we are out trying to take a decent photo for our Weblog. Reminds me of this Farsi proverb: I did it myself, damn me!

Oh, and lets not forget Farbod, Farzin's brother, who has got the same virus and is doing the same thing from Iran (UniPhoto). When Farbod comes to Canada in July I guess the competition will be even more fierce, since there will be three of us and only one city. The good thing about summer in Montréal is that there is a lot happening in the city - especially downtown, where we live. There are tons of festivals and different occasions during the summer in Montréal. So, we will be busy.

And about the scary part, when you create your weblog and start posting photos for your friends, you don't have any idea who else is also visiting your weblog. There are these amazing tools that I didn't have any idea existed which give you stastistics about your weblog and the visitors and all that. This is the scary part. Since yesterday that Farzin and I are playing with these tools and are monitoring people who are paying us a visit, we had visitors from Netherlands, UK, Poland, and Singapore. Isn't this scary? I believe it is. I thought that this was much more private and could not imagine there were many people out there who did not have better things to do with their lives, like myself :-) Apparently, the world is a much bigger place that I thought.