Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Location: Canada/Montreal/Rue McGIll

Banque Laurentienne and BNP
● I have not ever looked at these buildings like this before. This weblog is helping me to pay more attention and look around. The weird-looking building at the right side of the photo is Eaton Center in Montréal which does not have any Eaton's store in it anymore. Another store, Bay Hudson, pushed Eaton's out of the market and they declared bankruptcy few years ago. Since then, Sears bought Eaton's and opened new branched in selected cities of Canada, not in Montréal. Another sotre, Les Ailes, bought the store and made it a very ellegant and expensive center. The last news is that they are also going out of business in Montréal and no one knows what will be the future of all these stores in this building. My guess is that the building is haunted :-)
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