Sunday, June 20, 2004

White suite at night || FujiFilm FinePix S602z | 1/125s | f11 | ISO 160 | 8mm
Location: Canada/Montreal/Rue Notre Dame

Olympic torch in Montréal
Olympic flame returned to Montréal today, after 28 years. Last time it was here was in 1976 - XXI Olympic games. We caught it very briefly when two carriers were exchanging the flame. The funny part is that the new torch did not lit. The receiver did not notice and started running away with a torch that did not have any fire. When someone noticed, they called back the previous torch and gave its fire to the new torch. The point is, I think I saw the old torch's fire die; I am not sure though because it all happened very fast. Some may say that is not the point and even if the flame was out, the whole thing is a symbolic gesture; I agree, just wanted to say something below this photo :-)
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