Monday, June 14, 2004

Location: Canada/Montreal/PIE-IX Street

Big O
● The Olympic stadium in Montréal (check out this one too), home of Montréal Expos. The Olympic came to Montréal in 1976 and Montréalers are still paying for this stadium. I was told that the stadium’s tower is the tallest in the world. Since this doesn’t sound accurate, I think there was also something about it keeping the roof with cables as well. I guess what I heard was that this is the tallest suspended tower that keeps the roof of a stadium in place.

Although everyone around makes fun of the stadium and tries to trash it, I like its design. It is a landmark in Montréal’s. The way Eiffel tower is the symbol of Paris, Montréal is known for Big O. Montréalers call the stadium Big O and the way I understood, this is to make fun of it; to pronounce it right you need to put the stress on “O”.

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