Sunday, June 27, 2004

Montréal Fireworks Festival || FujiFilm FinePix S602z | 1/30s | f2.8 | ISO 200 | 12mm
Location: Canada/Montréal/Jacques-Cartier Bridge Blvd.

Montréal Fireworks Festival
● We missed the first night of La coupe du monde SAQ which was last week. Last night it was Japan's turn and they did a so-so job, we had seen better indeed. It is extremely hard to take a decent shot from fireworks; this was the best that I could do. Interesting, this is the 20th anniversary of this competition in Montréal. During the competition that lasts for several weeks, once a week, sometimes twice a week, one of the main bridges, Jacques-Cartier bridge, is being closed to traffic and hundreds - if not thousands - of people come to watch the fireworks. Each firework has a theme and is being accompanied with music that matches the work. Some, like the USA and China, do an excellent job matching the music and the fireworks.
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