Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11
● Wow! What a performance by Mr. Moore, Michael Moore! Fahrenheit 9/11 was oppened last Friday and it is at the top of north-America's box office with $21.8 million. Its raiting at Internet Movie Database is 7.7, which is very high and this is while there are 1,311 people - 19.2% - who rated it as "1", the lowest possible. Over all 6,816 people voted for the movie, which is again very high since it has been released only since four days and only in north-America. It topped the box office with only 868 theaters while the rest in the top five were playing in more than 2,500 theaters each. I am zeleaous to see the movie and cannot wait longer. Hopefuly, we will watch it this week.