Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Downtown Montréal
● This is the core of downtown Montréal. Yes, it is a small city. The hill in the background is called Mont-Royal and if I remember it right, this is were the name Montréal comes from. The hill reminds us a bit of Tehran, in smaller scales. The problem is that the hill is in the middle of the island, yes Montréal is an island. So, you cannot always find directions relying on the hill - what we used to do with Alborz mountain in Tehran, wherever was the mountain, that was north unless you were sunbathing in Caspian sea.
The picture was taken from 22nd floor, which makes it two floors higher than some other people. No names mentioned, just check this out PhotoClick and see this photo Downtown Montreal from 20th floor and compare the hight. Be careful my version of Downtown Montréal is scary, because it is from two floors higher.
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